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There are 10 million people across the world to day, who have lost a limb and only a very small proportion of these people are priviledged enough to be fitted with a quality artificial limb.

Sano Celo – which means « objective health » in Esperanto, has been created in response to this injustice by providing amputees with locally produced, high quality artificial limbs at a minimal cost, thus enabling them to regain a certain independance.

We are a community of highly motivated makers, working voluntarily in open source and using 3D printing technology, to make cheap artificial limbs more widely available. Local production will give communities the opportunity to answer their own needs and to regain some economic independance.

Just as the Gutenberg printing press promoted cultural expansion, so this technology of build up printing will promote freedom to design and produce locally, and will liberate communities from technological dependance. This freedom is the long term aim of Sano Celo.

Learn, Make, Help

3D printing, What else ?

    • Light weight | easy to use | capable of building elements made to measure | on the spot | at very little cost

...And in the medical field ?

3D printing is becoming recognised as the essential tool in the medical field where only made to measure can answer individual needs

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